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Vertical Pump

OMS: Vertical Chemical Pump for Oil Terminal

Model: Hidrostal  H125

In-coming and Pre-inspection

Disassemle and inspect internal components


Identify worn parts, measure contact faces clearances and check for any abnormal damage on all components


Cleaning and wire brush internally and externally

Standard proposal for replacement of Bearings, O rings, gaskets


Replace and renew any damaged bolts and nuts

Check and identify the cause of mechanical seal damaged and/or worn

Pump shaft to check for straightness on machine and polished accordingly

Any damaged and worn on shaft journals inway of mechanical seal and/or bearings will be reported and optional repair will be proposed.

Shaft journal inway of mechanical seal was repaired by Thermal spray with stainless steel composition and surface hard chromed completed with final Machine grinding to actual size.

Mechanical seal seat bonnet found pitted around seat sits area set on machine and checked run out pocket, light skim to provide better sitting area.

Shaft installed with bearings to housing, checked for run out and backlash

Installed New Mechanical seal according to maker's recommendation.

Completed assembly of pump, carried out hydrostatic pressure checks for leak around all mating faces and mechanical seal area.