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Multi-stage Pump

OMS: Multi-stage Pump Servicing

Model : High Pressure Sand Jetting Pump 14-P-008


Operating Pressure : 84 BarG

Inwards  receiving and pre-inspection.


Highly important to identify all connecting ports


Ensure all impeller casing (9 stages) are properly marked and identified.

Ensure positoning of flushing pipe to mechanical seal area correct.

All stages (9 stages) casing and impeller were

cleaned, checked and reported with damaged parts

Pump Shaft must checked for straightness


Pump shaft and impellers assembled into one unit and carried out  dynamic balancing.


All necessary bush must be renew and installed

Internal bore of pump body to checked for wear and crack


To measure and calibrate if necessary.

Existing Cartridge seal set to re-condition and leak check in workshop

All existing parts and components were prepared and cleaned as required


Proper identication and tag

Supply of new bearings

Supply of new Viton O rings

Re-conditioned cartridge seal sets re-checked for proper fitting

Proceed to further assembling of the pump

Upon completion of assembly of the pump, shaft must rotated at will.


Performed leak checks using pressure pump for hydrostatic pressure test check.