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Chemical Pump

OMS: Centrifugal Chemical Pump Servicing

Model : Durco MK 3 STD Centrifugal Chemical pump

Completely disassembled , cleaned, checked for worn areas, especially bearings, seals, rotating components and related parts.

Internal Components such as shaft, sleeve and impeller must be checked for worn and straightness.


Always have option for shaft and impeller to be dynamic balanced because the shaft line is rotating at very high speed.

Mechanical seal such as cartridge seal unit are recommended to reconditioning or reinstalled new set.

All bearings always to replace with new recommended brand so that the pump can performed well for years.

Proper alignment checked after bearing installed and smooth rotation.

All components are assembled and a service pump is erected.


A hydrostatic pressure kit is used to carry out leakage checks around seals' areas where the pressure required depend on type of seal used.

Photo shown the positioning of the cartridge seal set mounted to shaft.